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Amanatsu & Iyokan Marmalade, 7.76 oz

Amanatsu & Iyokan Marmalade, 7.76 oz

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Made only with “amanatsu” (a grapefruit-like citrus developed in Japan), “iyokan” (a Mandarin orange-like citrus developed in Japan), and cane sugar, Muchacha-en’s Amanatsu & Iyokan Marmalade brings a wonderfully refreshing kick to your table. Both citrus varieties are grown in Ehime Prefecture, which is known for citrus production. Muchacha-en slowly simmers iyokan juice, which boasts an elegant aroma and well-balanced sweetness and sourness, together with the rind and pulp of amanatsu, which brings a refreshing sourness and a touch of bitterness, along with cane sugar. They use a reduced amount of sugar compared to regular marmalade. By simmering for an extended time the natural sweetness of the fruits can be enhanced.

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